5:05 Sunset

In the beginning there was sound, a fog-low sky
Four gongs tone in the drone of a groove,
a  maple shimmers through the dance
furled above an inland sea.
A gull cries, some people come.
A bike stops

and sixty-so ducks waddle on fast little duck feet across the black to grass to disappear
to mist between the space of twig and trunk

and the sound-spinner sends waves that lap
and overlap in the crowded air
and breath that swirl and wrap my dance.

Stopped by tree,

I ooze orange vermillion spill
to a crouched earth. She who waits,


She coils into death, uncoils
in the spin of sound where I am rooted to earth
and root into the pillow press of sky.


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Christie Bleck's Mining Journal article on Running Towards the Light project.
DICHOTOMIES DANCING is an interdisciplinary trio of percussion and dance which explores many multi-media mediums, often using visual pictures of nature with paper and silk used to manipulate the imagery, original poems, sound sculpture, and percussion in performance. Collaborating artists are Maria Formolo, James A. Strain and Carrie Biolo.
Carrie Biolo
Dancing for the Earth - by OLO carrie biOLO and maria formOLO
December 21 thru March 20, 2017 (Scroll down for dates and locations)

Beginning in the dark of the Winter Solstice and emerging into the light of the Spring Equinox, Carrie BiOLO and Maria FormOLO (OLO) deliver a series of surreal outdoor performances around Marquette, MI. 

Join OLO as they explore the majesty and mystery of the superior elements of an Upper Peninsula winter wonderland through dance, sound movement and visual imagery in Dancing for the Earth.

OLO has teamed up with local like-minded organizations for special nature benefit events.

December 21 - Winter Solstice Celebration  with Save the Wild UP
Presque Isle Gazebo 4:45 and 7:00 pm
January 12 - Full Moon Performance with Cedar Tree Institute
Presque Isle Pavilion 7:00 pm
January 28 - New  Moon Pop-Up Performance
Date and Time TBA (email cbiolo@sbcglobal.net for personal invitation)
February 11 - Full Moon OLO Performance at Rhino Fest
Prop Theatre, Chicago, IL 9:00 pm
February 26 - New Moon with Percussive Attack Camp
Presque isle Gazebo, 5:00 - 6:00 pm (come and play some drums)
March 12 - Full Moon Pop-Up Performance
Details TBA (contact cbiolo@sbcglobal.net for info!)
March 18 - Van Riper Snowshoe Hike
7:00-9:00 pm.  Visit the DNR web for location and information
March 21 - Equinox Performance with Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition
UPEC's Celebrate the UP! 2017  at the Presque Isle Pavilion 7:00-8:00 pm